Projects of Remember the Innocents

Holy Land Trust has initiated and sponsored several activities and programs for children in Palestine. On the 28th of every December, a festival in Manger Square, near the Church of Nativity where Jesus Christ was born, launches a yearlong campaign of programs and activities for Palestinian children. Throughout the year 2002, several RTI programs were initiated or had continued from the previous year, these include:

  • Children’s Club

    The after school Children’s Club, starting in 2002, will initially be a year long program in Bethlehem and serve as a model for future programs throughout Palestine. The purpose of the program as to provide a place away from the fear and destruction of occupation and war where the young children of Palestine can find the safety, peace and encouragement they need to learn and grow emotionally, spiritually and socially.

  • Rim Banna Summer Festival

    From Nazareth, Rim Banna is a renowned Palestinian singer that has, with her husband Leonid, produced several albums and has conducted numerous concerts in many parts of the world. Both young and adult love their songs. Rim and Leonid have participated in several of the Remember the Innocents children’s festivals.

    During the summer of 2003 Rim Banna, in cooperation with Holy Land Trust, is conducting the largest festival for the Palestinian Children in various Palestinian cities.
    Jericho, June 5th
    Hebron June 6th
    Ramallah, June 7th
    Bethlehem, June 8th

  • Postcards from Palestine campaign

    Postcards from Palestine is part of a campaign to get the voice of Palestinian children heard and at the same time introduces them to nonviolence as a means to resolving conflict and promoting peace. Palestinian children will be encouraged to write their dreams, wishes and messages on postcards that will be collected and sent to the United States where American children will add their reactions. When the postcards are complete they will be delivered to the White House. We hope to have as many as one million postcards!

  • The Children’s Festival

    A yearly festival held on December 28, the day that, tradition has it, King Herod had thousands of children slaughtered in hopes of killing the Prince of Peace. The Remember the Innocents festivals are held Manger Square, Bethlehem, and seek to bring awareness of the suffering of children around the world, and to encourage the children of Palestine in their daily struggles.

  • Other project areas under development

    • Child education and development programs
    • Recreation and entertainment
    • Creating children networks with children from across the globe
    • Assisting local organizations working with children